About us

Company name Elinta combines from two words - Electronics and Intelligence. Elinta companies group from Lithuania was founded in 1991 based on designing high-tech, disruptive electronics and automated control systems technology created by our engineer’s team which has been developed over a period of 25 years. Our principal facility and headquarters are in Kaunas Free Economic Zone, Lithuania.

The group working range: trading in automation elements, industry automation, electric vehicles, charging points, trading in measurement instruments, production of computer vision systems, electric drives for bicycles. Our core technologies range from production of automation systems, electronic components and cutting-edge image processing tools to electric mobility. Half of the revenue is earned from innovative businesses, where exports account for 30% of the total income. We sell our products in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Our 3-D image scanners are distributed in 32 countries worldwide and our automatic control systems are used in many energy objects and manufacturing companies in Lithuania.

Elinta was recognized Lithuania’s most advanced high-tech sector company in the innovative solutions of the Knowledge Economy Company.